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In line of the Vision, Mission and Values of Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics, the main objective of the Competitive Program is for athletes to reach top rankings provincially, nationally and internationally. Our technical staff determines which program an athlete will be invited to annually. Team programs are by invitation-only and are a long-term commitment. Candidates are evaluated and placed in a training environment we believe will best allow them to meet their projected potential. 

Coaches look for athletes for specific programs based on a number of objective and subjective criteria including an athlete’s competitiveness, ability to deal with success as well as failure, their physical abilities and projected pathway of development and coachability. Athletes may be moved from one program area to another at any time, based on ability, work ethic, attendance, and commitment level


Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Women’s Team Program (WAG)

Each level has specific requirements for training, skills and competitive level and is determined by the coaches. Age categories are determined by birth year while the competitive category is determined by coaches and athlete ability. Artistic Gymnastics at this level requires regular attendance, continued progression and long-term commitment.

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Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Men's Team Program (MAG)

Each level and age group has specific requirements. Age Categories are determined by birth year and sometimes a specific date within a birth year.  Competitive category is determined by technical staff. Regular attendance, progress and participation at competitions and other activities is required.


Developmental Boys & Girls

Beginning the SPORT Journey

Gymnastics is the foundation for all physical activity and sports. The Developmental Boys & Girls Programs are annual programs by invitation only on a year to year basis. The programs provide a solid base for the development of physical literacy ensuring that young athletes are well-equipped and confident to pursue gymnastics or another sport that may be more suited to them.


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