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REGISTRATION POLICIES last updated March 21st  2024



Registration for our Gymnastics For All (GFA) programs and Camps is done by session.

  • GFA Classes: there are 4 seasons per year - Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

  • Camps: half-day camps are offered during the Holiday break, Spring break, and during Summer. Both full-day and half-day camps are offered during Summer.



The Phoenix Gymnastics Club offers classes in two facilities:

  • Millennium Sport Facility, Tree House Gym:  4588 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver, V5Y 4B6

  • St. James Community Square: 3214 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2L2 



Every athlete is required to purchase Annual Club Membership which includes membership to Gymnastics Canada, Gymnastics BC and secondary accident insurance.  These fees are non-refundable and are due immediately upon enrollment. Memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 and cannot be pro-rated.

The VPG Membership for the 2023-2024 season is $23 and the Gymnastics BC Registration fee is $43 summing up to $66 per athlete for the 2023-2024 season

Gymnastics BC mandates that every athlete who attends a class must be registered. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and unregistered athletes will be directed out of the gym. Please note: coaches cannot register athletes or allow unregistered athletes to remain inside the gym. 

A $25 fee will be charged for declined credit card or returned cheques. Please remember to keep your credit card information online up-to-date.

Make-ups, credits, or refunds for missed classes (for any reason) are not available due to class schedules, ratios and building capacity restrictions. 


2023-2024 GFA and CAMPS SCHEDULE:

SPRING CLASSES: April 2nd 2024 - June 23rd 2024

Holiday Closures: April 1st - Easter Monday and May 20th - Victoria Day

Priority Registration Date (for current members): Jan. 28th 2024

Registration for New Families Date: Feb. 4th 2024


SUMMER CLASSES:  July 2nd 2024 - Aug. 30th 2024

Holiday Closures: July 1st - Canada Day and Aug. 5th - BC Day

Registration for Current and New Members: April 28th 2024

SPRING BREAK CAMPS: Week 1 - March 18-22, 2024 and Week 2 - March 25-28, 2024

Holiday Closures: March 29th - Good Friday

Registration for Current and New Members: Feb. 11th 2024

SUMMER CAMPS: July 2 - Aug 30, 2024 (9 weeks)



CREDIT CARD: Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted. We do not accept American Express (AMEX).



CLASSES: Prior to the first class, we will refund 80% of the class fee. Within the first two weeks of the session: we will issue a pro-rated, 80% refund. The last day to notify us of a withdrawal will be as follows (no refunds will be issued after this date):

  • Winter 2024: January 22nd 2024

  • Spring 2024: April 16th 2024

  • Summer 2024: July 16th 2024 

All registrations made after these dates are final.

CAMPS: To receive an 80% refund of the camp fee, we require notification of your withdrawal at least two business days prior to the camp start date (e.g. by Thursday 8am, if the camp starts the following Monday). Following this time, no refunds will be issued.

ADULT GYM: To receive an 80% refund of the class fee, we require notification of your withdrawal in the month prior to your first class. No refunds will be issued once the class begins.

PRIVATE LESSONS: We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson. With less than 24 hours notice, no refunds or credits will be issued.

DROP IN: We require 24 hours notice to issue an 80% refund. With less than 24 hours notice, no refunds will be issued.

For GFA (Gymnastics for All) athletes in the Recreational Program, withdrawals due to injury or extended illness may be eligible for a refund with a written physician’s note. The physician's note will have to clearly state if the child is allowed to return to class and do gymnastics, not allowed to return to class and do gymnastics, and the specific dates or the exact length of time of absence, must be indicated by the physician on the note. Should the Dr's Note specify that the injury is due to a fracture, and the athlete is unable to return to class for the remainder of the season, the athlete may then be eligible for an 80% refund. A pro-rated, 80% refund is calculated from the date the note is received. Athletes who missed classes due to minor injuries or illnesses are expected to attend classes with no fee adjustment nor refunds. Refunds will be provided based on specific recommendations from a practitioner, and a detailed doctor’s note indicating that the child is no longer able to return to class must be provided. An 80% refund may be eligible, once a note from a specialized sports medical professional is received by the Finance Coordinator that indicates that the athlete is not able to continue with classes for that particular season." All notices of a withdrawal or cancellation must be submitted in writing to



Space permitting, transfers between classes are permitted. For camps, A 48 hour notice before the start of the camp date is required. A $25 administrative charge is applied for both classes and camps.



Phoenix reserves the right to cancel classes that have 3 or fewer athletes registered. Families will be notified via email and athletes will have the option to transfer to other available classes with no penalty of transfer fees. If no suitable alternatives are found, a full refund will be issued. 



In times of extreme weather during weekdays, Phoenix Gymnastics' closure procedure aligns with that of the local public school district. In the event public schools are closed due to weather conditions, Phoenix Gymnastics programs are also cancelled.  Please check local radio, television, and school board websites for school closures.  A message to members will be sent confirming the closure of St. James and Millenium facilities via email, Instagram and website postings.

During weekends, Phoenix Gymnastics will monitor Environment Canada's weather alerts and advise members via email, Instagram and website postings as to whether programs will be cancelled. There will be no refunds nor make-up classes due to circumstances beyond our control.



Phoenix has developed its curriculum with specific age-appropriate activities, guided by the developmental stages of children.  This progressive class-by-class approach is designed to group children by age, not ability, offering a structured environment in which children can increase physical ability and gain confidence.  

CLASSES: To ensure the success of your child, the age cut-off for the Winter 2023 season is on December 31st 2022, March 13th for the Spring Break Camps 2023, and March 27th for Spring Classes 2023.

CAMPS: A child must be the age, outlined for each program, on the day the camp starts.

Please do not create duplicate athlete profiles for your athletes with different birthdays, as you will be charged membership fees again and will be asked to switch to a class that is age appropriate. We cannot guarantee that there will be availability to switch to the correct class so please ensure your original registration is correct. A $25 transfer fee will be charged. 



Phoenix works to accommodate the needs of all athletes. Parents/guardians are asked to inform the Program Lead at the time of registration of any allergies or physical, behavioural or specific learning needs that we need to be aware of to allow us to create the best experience for each and every child. Failure to disclose gives Phoenix the right to withdraw or transfer the child should it be determined that we are unable to provide a safe and/or appropriate learning environment for all.



With parental consent, Phoenix reserves the right to photograph and film athletes for advertising and publicity purposes and use these photos and videos at no charge. Parental consent is requested at time of registration.

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