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Women’s Team Program (WAG)

Each level has specific requirements for training, skills and competitive level and is determined by the coaches. Age categories are determined by birth year while the competitive category is determined by coaches and athlete ability. Artistic Gymnastics at this level requires regular attendance, continued progression and long-term commitment.


Elite Pathway: High Performance or National Team (HP Novice, Junior, Senior)

Elite athletes work on a four-year plan known as the Olympic Games Cycle (or Quadrennial). Athletes who are aspiring to the International level know that the opportunities to represent their country are determined by many factors including the number of athletes eligible for such events, their age, the content of routines and ability to perform on demand.


There are times when athletes who hold dual citizenship may be asked or choose to represent a country other than Canada. High performance athletes who are not on any national team, often participate at international meets on behalf of VPG.


The coaches will determine competitions that will benefit these athletes in their quest to excellence including the opportunity to be scouted for athletic scholarships to the US. Athletes will compete based on readiness and at the discretion of the coaches.


Canadian Junior Olympic Program (CJO Provincial Stream)

This program was adopted from the United States. Phoenix has implemented this program starting at level 6.

There are opportunities to compete for positions on provincial teams (i.e. Western Canadian Championships, BC Games). Training costs are dependent on the number of training hours per week and the number of local and away competitions chosen by the technical staff. 


National Stream Pathway: Aspire and CJO 9,10

National level athletes are expected to attain the highest results at the Provincial and National levels. Regular attendance, dedication to excellence and progress are important aspects of this level. Athletes will compete at 6-10 meets per season, as well as training camps or other activities. This program may also lead to the High Performance Stream for some athletes.




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