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Andrée Montreuil's Retirement from the Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics Club

It is with both sadness and warm wishes that we announce the retirement of Andrée Montreuil from her role as Executive Director of Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics (VPG). On behalf of the Board I would like to highlight our appreciation and recognition for the impact and value of Andrée’s leadership at VPG, and more broadly for gymnastics throughout British Columbia. 


Her history in the sport of gymnastics in Canada spans over 50 years. She is known throughout the province by Coaches, Athletes, and Officials at all levels. Andrée spent time as an administrator, judge, coach, and gymnast. She served as the Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director for Gymnastics BC, General Manager at the Langley Gymnastics Foundation, the Director for the Centre Option Plein Air de Montreal as well as Head Coach for three clubs in Quebec over four decades. In addition, Andrée is an International Judge, who officiated at multiple World Championships and was recently appointed to judge at the upcoming 2024 Olympics Games in Paris.


Andrée’s role at VPG was her most recent contribution as a longtime leader in the sport of gymnastics. Our community is privileged to have benefitted from her dedication and commitment to advance gymnastics at all levels. She stewarded the Club through a period of significant transition, instigated a policy review, and implemented an operational plan aligned with the Club strategic plan. She built a foundation for ongoing program collaboration and growth to make the sport of gymnastics accessible and impactful for the long term. 


Throughout her career, Andrée has served on numerous provincial and national committees, including supporting or leading Gymnastics Canada Women’s Program Committee and Judges Development Working Group and Gymnastics BC Technical Committees for over 20 years. There are few individuals who have contributed so much, in so many different ways, to the sport of gymnastics on such a consistent basis over time. We wish Andrée all the best in this next step in her journey, and ask the entire community in BC to wish her the best as she prepares to judge at the Olympics this summer. 


On behalf of all of us: thank you Andrée.

- Board and Staff members at Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics

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